viernes, octubre 21, 2005

El sistema sanitario sueco. Fortalezas y debilidades, un informe de la OCDE.

Getting better value for money from Sweden's healthcare system

This paper by the OECD reviews the strengths and weaknesses of the Swedish healthcare system and the challenges that it will face in the future. It discusses ways to improve access to primary care, including different methods for paying GPs, whether access is less equitable than in other countries and the role of patient fees. The maximum waiting time guarantee for elective surgery is reviewed, along with ways of reducing regional variations in quality. The extent of decentralisation is questioned, as that may be affecting the quality of care and value for money in some areas, including elderly and psychiatric care.
Mechanisms for improving the hospital sector are also examined including fee for service (DRG) payment mechanisms and whether for profit hospitals would help. Finally, it considers ways to make financing more stable and sustainable.

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