jueves, noviembre 24, 2005

Medir la eficiencia de las organizaciones del sector público.

Taller de trabajo en el Centre for Health Economics
Universidad de York
16-17 de febrero de 2006

An Introduction to Measuring Efficiency in Public Sector organisations: analytical techniques and policy

This two-day workshop will provide an introduction to the use of techniques for measuring the relative efficiency of public sector organisations. The two measurement tools concentrated on will be Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). SFA and DEA have been described as the most advanced techniques to measure relative efficiency, with the Chief Secretary of the UK Treasury stating they have “wide potential application across all public services”. These techniques have been applied to analyse organizational efficiency across all sectors of the economy, including: agriculture, banking, education, health, public services, and non-profit organisations.

Areas to be covered include:

1) the context and purpose of productivity and efficiency measurement
2) the economic theories underpinning efficiency measurement techniques
3) how to conduct analysis
4) the similarities and differences between techniques and
5) the interpretation and application of results to support policy objectives

The workshop will introduce participants to computer software with which they will be able to apply the techniques to data during practical sessions. Throughout the workshop there will be a strong focus on the policy interest in these techniques.

Participants will be shown the methods, and this requires no prior knowledge or expertise. The presenters have worked extensively in this area and will guide participants through the potential pitfalls of measuring efficiency in this area using case studies and practical examples.

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