jueves, noviembre 29, 2012

Wiser Choices de Mayo Clinic

En la jornada "Co-creando salud: Toma de Decisiones Compartidas y Activación de pacientes y ciudadanos", que se celebrará en Donostia-San Sebastián el próximo 13 de diciembre, Annie LeBlanc de Mayo Clinic presentará el Programa Wiser Choices. Os dejamos con más información sobre el mismo:
The research of Annie LeBlanc, Ph.D., Director of the Wiser Choices Program of the Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit, centers around the way health care is delivered in clinical encounters between clinicians and patients, from chronic to acute conditions, in primary and specialty care. Specifically, she focuses on the generation and synthesis of knowledge, and its translation into practice through the design, evaluation, implementation and sustainability of patient-centered interventions, such as shared decision making, and their impact on patient-important outcomes.
For this presentation, she is proposing to present the work of the Wiser Choices Program that examine ways in which the patient and clinician can better engage in conversations that allow them to partner together to create coordinated care focusing on patient-important outcomes. Conversations from these interventions aim to facilitate the transfer of evidence-based knowledge from clinician to patient for better decision making, bring forth the patient's values and preferences, and ensure that the care provided meets and adheres to those principles. She will present an overview of the methods by which they develop their shared decision making interventions and implement them in current practices, and summarized some of the current interventions and their impact on patients, clinicians, and practices.
Roberto Nuño Solinís
Director de O+berri

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